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Tips and Tricks

Changing your shower rail

Updating your shower rail? 

There are a few things to consider when choosing a new one.  Here Tania and Lisa discuss what you should look for.

How to change your shower rail.jpg

Tap washers

Tap Washers just isn't a tap washer!

Yes they are all different depending of the tap that you have installed.  Here Jess educates Tania on the differences that are out there.

Tap Washers are Simple.jpg

How to isolate a gas bottle

Just because you know how to turn off the gas bottle doesn't mean the next person does. Stephen gives a quick overview on how to turn off the gas bottle. 

In the NT gas bottles should be turned off as part of your excavation procedures during cyclone.

How to isolate gas bottle.jpg

How to take off a toilet seat

Not all toilet seats are the same and they can be a little bit tricky in getting off.

Tania does a quick go though on the different connections that you might find, and even she struggled.

How to take off toilet seat.jpg

How to turn off your water meter

This might seem simple but I have answered calls where the person didn't know where to start looking for the water that goes into the property.

Here we have Stephen give us a little demo of where to look and how to turn the water meter off.

How to Turn Off Your Water Meter.jpg

How to detect a household leak

So your water bill high each time you get it.  Have you considered that you might have a sneaky water leak?

Stephen gives a quick overview of how to detect if you have a leak somewhere by watching the water meter.

How to detect household leak.jpg

How to clean your aerator

If your water is coming out of your tap slowly you might have a blocked aerator. 

This is something that you can fix yourself. Tania does a quick overview of how to remove one style of aerator.

How to clean aerator.jpg

Watch this space

Tania is creating something spectacular.

Watch this space.



Ok so you got this far so I think we should give you some bloopers.

TRADEMARK  Bloopers.jpg

How to clean your taps

Vinegar is not the choice of chemicals to clean your Chrome in your house with.  Lisa gives us a quick demonstration on how to clean your tapware and why vinegar could be doing more harm than good.

How to use vineger to clean tap.jpg

Under production

This space is under construction.  Tania just needs to think up something.


Last one

Ok so you got to the last video.

This is a promotion for Hosking Media who I went to with my video ideas and they brought it to life.

Have a great day.

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