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Leaking Taps and Toilets

So you have a leaking tap or toilet.


Generally to save a bit of money we all ignore our leaks until it turns into a flood. Usually, this will happen after hours and you could end up paying a very costly call out fee on top of the repair.

How to manage a leaking tap


Slow dribbling taps might appear to be something that you can avoid having repaired. You think your saving money, by not calling a plumber, but your water meter is ticking over. 


While you have the plumber there get all the washers replaced. Once one goes the rest will follow.  This will save you the inconvenience of having a plumber come and visit twice.


Murphys Law will ensure that the dribbling tap will turn into a disaster and need urgent attention after hours.  To avoid an after-hours call out you could turn off the water to your property.


Click here to see Stephen giving a demonstration on how to turn the water off at the mains. Please be mindful if you live in a unit complex that you don't turn off everyone's water.





If you're going to do a DIY, don't get cheap washers from your local hardware store.  They perish quicker and could jam in the tap or cause a hammer in your pipes.




How to manage a leaking toilet.


The best way is to get on to it early.  If your toilet is dribbling a little get the plumber out. 


If you've put off a repair and it's running seriously the cistern will not fill and you won't get anything flushed down.

If it's after hours to avoid a call-out fee you will need to turn the tap off that is located behind the toilet.  This is a temporary fix and you will then need to call a plumber during office hours.


Unfortunately what may seem easy to fix could create a new problem.  Sometimes it's better to replace your cistern than to have the plumber come in and replace one part after another.


A plumber should always discuss your options.


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